Kreasi Sendiri Dalam Kue Semprit Coklat Renyah

Kreasi Sendiri Dalam Kue Semprit Coklat Renyah – I’m tired of chattering in the liver. While my mouth still looks empty, all kindahan still hiding behind fog. But again I was watching the moon, because I have never regretted waiting and how long anyone else as long as I love her. Although all will be in vain if I wait for something that can not be returned, but deep in my heart a small hallway, the moon is still glowing. Although pijarnya just like a candle that is confined to the axis. The rustle of the wind comes blowing silent symphony, with the news that the moon has been taken overcast. I could only mutter, Finally stain was visible as well, to contaminate the white canvas we call love, my view of the sky for a moment, feel the rotation of the earth, hope in the other hemisphere I found you. At least in order to provide a smile for you.

Drizzly rain suddenly came across this beach, in the eyes of this. Thousands of troops repelling water floating fantasy pick month. Passionate longing was also drawn to each rintiknya, beauty Sulamadaha vanished. What should I blame, fate, distance, me or you? Many struggle that I should not have said, but if the distance makes you forget all? Is not the distance is only a small problem, when you think of me is greater than that? Moon, distance is not simply about a time and circumstances, while love is not about them. I actually know the answer, he is!

Right now I’m still in this place, in the same heart. Every now and then looked at the sky, searching for Sepucuk from you. But if she makes you happy, I do not know what to do. Holds the promise itself would not be able to. Maybe later, I’ll step out of the harsh reality that is already imprinted, even if it would make me a person who does not understand me. And I’m gonna let this remorse resides in the heart. Let. But remember, when overcast unable membahagikanmu. There’s no need for me, because maybe then I had found a piece of a new heart, or they unite fragments of my past. However, along with this rain I hope you present for any injuries that may be washed, and retained only be gelinang memories.

To the Cloud. Clouds Hi, sorry if I do not leave to go break a promise to you and us, we used to bond twilight, still remember about the choice of the sky? I will choose the blue sky covered in clouds and rain blanketing your days, because I’m sure there will be a rainbow after that, it was the best for me and you. And I’m sorry Awan had kept my disease, a disease that biting into my heart, that’s why the two sides of the coin is me. On this note, if the man you call my boyfriend give this letter, then I was back on the Almighty, forgive me Awan, I was more selfish than you, because I love you too. I will always keep my promise to come at our favorite place, because this is the twilight bond. By Karin.


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