Cobalah Kue Dorayaki Sangat Lezat dan Empuk

Cobalah Kue Dorayaki Sangat Lezat dan Empuk – School bell had already rung since 7 minutes ago, but Lani had just returned from the teachers’ lounge. Lani entering the classroom that has been deserted, even just seen the black bag in the middle class. Unexpectedly, there was a piece of paper on the table Lani. Lani then directly open and read the contents of the letter. Life starts from a speed which is indeterminate. Perhaps of zero or possibly from the top. Life is like a uniformly accelerated motion is divided into two kinds: uniformly accelerated motion is slowed down when we are in the top spot. Loss of balance our emotions and ultimately fell to touch the ground until we find the point of zero (0) due to the acceleration of gravity is dragging us into the vortex of the earth.

Or do we have a uniformly accelerated motion accelerated? Life is starting from zero (0) then trending rose occupies the highest point. It may be difficult for us to resist the acceleration of gravity is there, but there is a God. That’s the point. He is holding our hand. In the accelerated uniformly accelerated motion, there is a process that is very heavy to rise to the top. But be assured that the process out what makes us beautiful. Life is like a uniformly accelerated motion (Motion Straight Irregularly Changed). Results or the fact that we will get next or when it is an effort or work that we do is multiplied by the time we go.

Because it’s live like the formula acceleration (a) in a uniformly accelerated motion (uniformly accelerated motion) and not formula Straight Motion Irregularly (GLB), wherein the formula GLB, no value change of pace, in other words, the speed is fixed or constant, so that the value the acceleration is zero. It just means a not forward in his life. Continuously in the same state all the time. In the formula uniformly accelerated motion, known as the term slowdown (minus the acceleration value). This formula also not be imitated, since a minus value arising from the dilakukaan end speed is smaller than the initial speed. This meant a setback in his life. Be Strong Kelani Aufa Princess!

The next morning, Lani trying to look at the surrounding circumstances, try to do what his brother said to open up. During this time he was impressed indifferent to the surroundings, until the time that he did not know that his name be included in the race drama. So that on the race she can only issue the theories that he knew, not a dialogue that should exist in the drama.


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