Bikin Minuman Sop Buah Yang Bisa Anda Tiru

Bikin Minuman Sop Buah Yang Bisa Anda Tiru – Thin fog enveloped the sky in black robes. Rows of palm trees are visible only still waving hill. Bening dreamy sea depth of which I carry. The breeze was still crashing at the same raga soul. I was still hiding behind the dark of the night on the beach sulamadaha, while waiting months back with me. Time take me in silence, silencing the thousands of words that should be able to catapult me. Semerbak miss any sudden come without reason. Anganku in the sky, the moon has come honestly brings small light. Light that depicts about a promise that once we say, to be faithful in joy or sorrow, despite the distance far-away and despite superficial naivete. But now the promise was just a promise. Month did not come accompanied sunyiku night.

I still wonder why the moon harbored no sesetia nights ago, was cheerful yesterday, not as bright as usual? Could the hunter night stole my moon and take possession of the mind and everything was great for me? I do not know, that I know thousands of stars always teasing you, and they are always near you. Unlike me who can only look at you through the bars image, and hold you through the strands of my prayer. I realized, jaraklah separating our hands, making us too hard to hug each other. But to me, it does not mean that our love has many drawbacks. Do not we also never been so tough now? Maintain and withstand the waves coming barrage, which sometimes set off a storm contention, but is not that makes us realize that there is no love without seasoning wound?

Month, in room imajiku only one that still shines. Yes, it was you. In the space of images that I live, always imagining you’re near me, I look at your smile, you smile back, until we passed thousands dusk together. Then perhaps there is no more writing and a voice that floated mutually reinforcing. Also no word homesick decades we say. Month, is not simply a matter of distance, and has never known true love knows no count? Is not a measure of distance is not how far. But a measure of distance is how homesick? because longing and distance always ask the same thing, so the meeting. If the size of the range means how close, how centimeters or millimeters how and why the heart and mind are so close sometimes going so far? True, the distance is not just about how close. Moon, distance is not simply about a time and circumstances, while love is not about them.

Month, out of thought is an act of love, because we are already separated by a distance that makes us blind to every action. Again just words without the voice and sound without meaning anything I can give, but would not that be a sincerity that is more beautiful than a thousand hugs? Sorry, I could only crawl to conquer the distance with words and not a meeting. For me, the important thing is how I can maintain that loyalty, because the realization of long-distance love is not a meeting, but loyalty.

The creature looked in pain and slowly started to go out of my room. I immediately woke up and touch my neck. Turns twisted necklace with the cross of silver. I just remember, this is a testament of my grandmother’s necklace I always wear under any circumstances. I was crying sejadinya. Tomorrow. Dozens of police to secure the bodies of Joela and Margareth. I found limp in the corner of the room was also brought into the ambulance. Many journalists and local residents who gathered boarding area. Speech heard police say that this case is a murder case and the suspect is still in the discovery stage. In fact, that’s not the truth. A pair of my little eye witnesses. Black creepy creature had killed two best friends. Joel! Marge! I hope you calm there. And the creature.


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