Cara Membuat Bakso Ikan Kenyal dan Gurih

Cara Membuat Bakso Ikan Kenyal dan Gurih – You will be my name the Lotus, so you can be like the lotus flower, so you inherited lotus flower, which grows beautiful, pretty, scent around you, create beautiful surroundings, bringing benefits to all around, though flower lotus grows from mud lowly, mud dirty, smelly. Although you were born from the womb of a lady of the night who had self-esteem! Leave! The important thing you can be a Lotus beautiful and useful for others.

Thus said the woman to her baby crying of thirst. He was confused where to go, he had no money. Finally he saw an orphanage across the street.
He smiled, satisfied, happy, he seemed to know where to go.

Forgive Mother Nak, all for your good, Mom promised to take you again after the mother is on the right path. “The last words he spoke at the elegant baby.

Until the baby was brought up by an orphanage across the street! Until the baby was taken by a husband and wife is barren! Until the baby understands all, about the origin through his house maid who used to help her mother in childbirth! Until he was an adult! Until she understood life! Until he could at any time have hated mother who entrust their children to others without feeling guilty! The woman has never come back!